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Educating Business


Providing the education for your brand to thrive..

Spark Up provide education for business owners to create, implement and measure their own online marketing strategy.

Educating Business Owners to Promote their Brand Onlin

Take your brand into your own hands are learn to create, implement and measure your online marketing without relying on third parties.

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Research and Discovery

Good research is the key to success. Spark Up provide a deep dive into your online business uncovering the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of your market. Through the process of research your website can be conceptualised and a sturdy foundation is developed for the future growth of your business.

Initial Design Idea Development

Spark Up begin the process of your website design with a form which gives you the opportunity to provide as much information as you can. This acts as the basis for your website design. We then follow up with a meeting where we get further detailed wishes for your business going forward.

Focussing the Website

Focus is key to any good business and in turn key to your website design. The more focussed your business is the more likely it is to compete on your main keywords and organic search. We will work with you to define the focus of your business and your website.


Identifying the Keywords

Spark Up provide an in-depth keyword research of your online market. Not only does this research unearth your main keywords but it also provides the opportunity for your business to find new focus, opportunities and pivots.


Identifying the target market

Identifying your target market is key to any successful business and likewise with website development. We will work with you alongside your keyword research and competitor research to identify your target market. Once again, focus is key to success.


Finding the Unique Selling Point


If your company has a USP you have an immediate advantage over your competitors. In terms of website design this is gold. You can now focus on enhancing this USP through marketing led website design and crafting your online presence around this USP.

SEO & Further Keyword Research

SEO means Search Engine Optimisation. A website with great SEO is the equivalent of opening a storefront in a key location in a city. Your footfall will increase and your advertising spend will decrease. Once again, focus is the key to good SEO and the identification of specific keywords.


Blog Development

Hand in hand with SEO and keyword development comes Blog development. Blogs help your website reach a wider audience and keeps your website fresh and up-to-date. Here at Spark Up we identify hot topics for Blogs for your website and help with copywriting and design.


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