Creation & Development

Discover your identity

Before you can sell your product or service first you need to understand your own identity. Spark Up helps create and develop your brand so you have a focussed and scalable message from the outset.

Brand Development &

Brand Creation

A brand is a medium to define and differentiate your companies identity with the aim of creating a sustainable competitive advantage. Spark Up helps in defining, creating and developing your brand from the initial concept through to delivering the message.

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Finding your identity

Finding your identity is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of any business. However, for the companies who have found and developed this identity, a sustainable competitive advantage is a reality. Spark Up help with the search and implementation of this identity through brand development.


Reinforcing your Unique Selling Point

The next step is to draw up your business plan. Spark Up help with this plan with input and advice throughout. The option is also there to outsource your business plan to Spark Up to develop.

Visualising your Identity

Creating a visual identity is a crucial step in brand development. Spark Up offer design services which create unique and sustainable brands. 

Delivering your Message

Delivering your brand across a broad range of medium is a daunting task. Spark Up help create a brand identity across a suite of media and help in getting your brand out to market.

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