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Business Start Up's are about taking risks and we here at Spark Up help with the initial stages of the start up process and carry through to creating a robust business. 

Business Start Up Consultants

For those starting a new business the initial steps are key to building strong foundations to allow for future success. Spark Up works with the start up in creating a clear, measurable and achievable plan from the outset. 

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Initial Idea Development

Spark Up help with the development of the initial business idea. Honing the idea and finding focus is key to developing a sustainable business. Sometimes having second opinions and input from outside the business can help in this development.

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Drawing up a Business Plan 

The next step is to draw up your business plan. Spark Up help with this plan with input and advice throughout. The option is also there to outsource your business plan to the Spark Up team. 

Developing an adminstration platform

Building the structural foundations of your business means a clear, concise and scalable administrative architecture. Spark Up can help build these foundations without the need for large financial output.

Identifying & Securing 

Start-Up Grants

Securing grants and financial support is a difficult and timely business. With Spark Up's expertise and experience the process of securing financial support can be simplified and hastened.

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Testing the Market &

Incubation Period

The incubation and testing phase of any business start up is key to the future direction that the business will take. Spark Up will help in the research and implementation of the first steps of your business into the business world.

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